Phoenix Marine Solutions - Bathing Platform

Hydraulic Bathing Platform and Tender Recovery Systems

Bathing Platform

We have developed a range of Hydraulic Tender Lift systems and Submerging Bathing Platforms for 40' to 155' Yachts. Our systems range from 400kg lift to 2,500kg lift with a very healthy safety factor built in. The systems are manufactured in Stainless Steel 316 and our specialised finishing process promotes surface finish anti-corrosion. A range of functions can be integrated to include lifting, lowering and tilting. Our systems run smoothly, evenly and reliably.

These bathing platform systems can be integrated into a comprehensive package of garage door opening mechanism, tender winch and bathing platform all run off of one hydraulic power pack and one electric panel.

As always, our products come with a full guarantee and our highly reputable after sales service included.