Marine Hydraulic Bow Thrusters

Hydraulic Bow and Stern Thruster Systems

Phoenix offer a wide choice of bow and stern thrusters, both electric and hydraulic, covering a range of applications from small day boats up to boats of 120'.

To choose the most suitablethruster system it is important to take into considerations some crucial factors such as;

The total surface exposed to the wind force and the marine currents; the bigger the surface, the more powerful the thrusters need to be.

The tunnel diameter; the larger the tunnel diameter is the bigger the potential thrust is, and the more water that can be moved.

In applications where a long working time is required it is preferable to choose a hydraulic thrustersystem over an electric system.

The tunnel length; the longer the tunnel the higher the loss of efficiency. Any grid placed at the ends of the tunnel may affect the thrust.

We have marine technical experts in house who are happy to help you to choose your bow thruster system. Just give our technical sales team a ring on +44 (0) 1733 234800 and we will be happy to help!

Description (Click for further details) Price (Exc VAT) Unit
Image for 27898 Hydraulic Bow Thruster BP220 25 HP 27898 £5445.15 Each
Image for 27485 Hydraulic Bow Thruster BP300 38 HP 27485 £6571.92 Each
Image for 27486 Hydraulic Bow Thruster BP400 47 HP 27486 £7259.30 Each
Image for 29965 Hydraulic Bow Thruster BP550 65 HP 29965 £12938.97 Each
Image for 23882 Hydraulic Bow Thruster BP600 82 HP WITHOUT Tunnel or Motor 23882 £15607.66 Each
Image for 25515 Electronic Control Box 12/24V for BT35/55/85/100/120/160 25515 £147.70 Each

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